Computerome is the Danish National Supercomputer for Life Sciences. Watch this video and learn how Computerome supports life science research in Denmark.

    Computerome is also available to the international community, and may serve as a platform for collaborations established within life science infrastructures such as ELIXIR, a European infrastructure for biological information. Computerome is the official high performance computer of ELIXIR Denmark, which is one of the members of ELIXIR.

    Computerome is funded with grants from the Technical University of Denmark, the University of Copenhagen, and the Danish e-infrastructure Cooperation. It is installed at DTU-Risø. Visit its site virtually.

    How to get an account and login to Computerome is described in its Wiki pages.


    Computerome is secure and flexible: It complies with strict security requirements and data management standards defined by the national and international data management regulations for life sciences and sensitive data.

    Regarding its setup, special attention was devoted to automate and adapt it to the very diverse needs and profiles of life science users. In fact, thanks to a new cloud solution it is now possible to build your own virtual supercomputer, and tailor it to your professional needs.


    Information regarding support, system updates, frequently asked questions, and how to request an account, are described in Computerome Wiki.

    We value your comments and recommendations. If you have any, please contact us.


    Computerome is the fastest high performance computer (HPC) in Denmark, and listed among the top 500 HPC in the world.

    Computerome is based on two types of nodes: 540x Hewlett-Packard XL230 - 128 GB, 2x E5-2683v3 Intel processors with 14 cores each; 27 Hewlett-Packard DL560 - 1 TB, 4x E5-4610v2 Intel processors with 8 cores each.
    This results in a total of 16.048 CPU processor cores, with 92 TB of memory storage, connected to 4 PB of High-performance storage, and with a total peak performance of more than 483 TeraFLOPS, i.e., 483 million million floating-point operations per second. Other details are described in Computerome Wiki.

    Computerome is environmentally friendly, as the generated heat is recycled to neighbouring buildings, thus lowering the energy footprint substantially.


Annual Danish Bioinformatics Conference 2017

ELIXIR Denmark is sponsoring and organizing the Annual Danish Bioinformatics Conference. The two-day meeting provides attendees with opportunities to share and discuss their latest findings, and learn about the newest national and international developments within: Precision medicine, Data integration, Machine and deep learning and probabilistic programming, Non-coding RNA bioinformatics, Population and evolution genomics, Proteomics and computational proteomics and Systems toxicology and adverse drug reactions.

The event will take place in Odense, on August 24-25, 2017.

Registration by August 10, 2017.

Big data track in China

Researchers from DTU Systems Biology hosted a track on Big Data and Health at the 10 th ICG Conference on Genomics in Shenzhen, China (Oct. 22-25, 2015). A treaty ceremony was held concerning a letter of intent on building BGI online on Computerome's cloud infrastructure as a Service. Thus Computerome may become the European hub for BGI online. The ultimate objective is to enable Bioinformatics as a service by automating workflows like NGS pipelines across platforms.

October 22-25, 2015

Risø Supercomputer mapped the Danish reference genome in record time

Read the article in Danish.

June 8, 2015
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Ali Syed
Team leader
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Erland Hochheim
System administrator
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Jacob Brandrup
System administrator
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Paz P. Thygesen
System administrator
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Rafal Wolanin
System administrator
Governance Image

Anders Krogh

Professor, Director of the Bioinformatics Centre, and Head of Section for Computational and RNA Biology, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Governance Image

Peter Løngreen

Head of Computerome,
Leder af High-Performance Computing & IT, DTU Bioinformatics, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

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Søren Brunak

Professor, DTU Bioinformatics, Technical University of Denmark & Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, University of Copenhagen, Denmark